Combining Direct Mail With Printed Promotional Materials

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In today’s digital marketing landscape, it can be hard to distinguish your brand from the rest. However, combining direct mail with printed promotional materials can make your marketing stand out and grab the attention of your target audience. Whether it’s a customized postcard, product catalog or other form of printed material, the options are limited only by your imagination and budget. Here are some tips for creating effective direct mail campaigns:

Target Your Audience

Direct mail can be highly targeted based on demographics, purchasing behavior and other factors. Having a well-curated mailing list makes it easier to ensure that your campaign is reaching the right people with relevant messaging. Mailing lists can be compiled from your existing customer database, purchased lists or collected through online forms and other marketing channels.

Use High-Quality Printing Materials

High-quality printing helps your marketing pieces look professional and impressive. Choose a color scheme that aligns with your campaign goals and consider finishing options that add a touch of sophistication, such as gloss, matte or specialty coatings. These details contribute to the perceived value of your piece and can increase the response rate.

Create a Memorable Design

Your direct mailer’s visual design should be unique and eye-catching to grab recipients’ attention. Choose bright colors and crisp graphics that are easy to read. Avoid overcrowded designs that can be confusing or overwhelming for your target audience.

Incorporate QR codes to provide a link between your print and digital marketing materials. These scannable codes can be included on your mailing materials and redirect customers to a website page that offers more information or a special offer.

Publish Relevant Educational Content

When your business regularly publishes industry-specific educational content on your blog, newsletter or magazine, it builds trust with potential customers. This demonstrates your authority in the field and allows customers to feel confident that they can count on you for expert advice and guidance.

Feature This Content in Your Printed Promotional Materials

The unique deliverability of direct mailers makes them ideal for announcing big changes within your company. Whether you’re expanding your service areas, opening new locations, changing your name or merging with another business, direct mail can let clients know about these important developments.

Follow-Up with a Personalized Email

While it may seem old school, following up with clients via personalized email is a great way to reinforce the information shared in your physical marketing materials. This can be in the form of a thank you note, exclusive discounts or other additional information that encourages action.

Combining your direct mail campaign with a complementary digital marketing channel can significantly increase your return on investment. Digital marketing is an excellent tool for up-sells, cross-sells, and retaining current customers. When combined with a strong mailing and distribution strategy, it can also help you generate more qualified leads and maximize campaign results. If you need the service of a reputable San Francisco direct mailing company visit


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